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The Company

A main focus of activities is the production of homogeneous catalysts both from the organic and inorganic chemistry. Furthermore, the company has specialized in the recycling of spent catalysts and hard metals. In addition, Reactana GmbH produces coating solutions for the contact lens industry.

Reactana GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Reactana GmbH’s customers include companies in the large-scale chemical industry, the hard metal and electronics industry, and the optical industry.

Reactana GmbH is active throughout Europe, as well as in the USA and Asia. The export share of the company is about 50 percent. The company is located in Biebesheim am Rhein, approx. 30 minutes by car south of the international airport Frankfurt am Main.

Marc Guisolan and Herbert Brunner founded the company in 1976 and it has remained in their private ownership.

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Our Products


Cobalt/Manganese acetate

CAS-No. Co-Acetate 71-48-7
CAS-No. Mn-Acetate 638-38-0
in aqueous solution


CAS-No. 71-48-7
in aqueous solution

Vanadium tris-acetylacetonate

CAS-No. 13476-99-8
a) crystalline
b) finely dispersed in suspensions with carriers as per customers requirements
c) solutions in various media

Other vanadium compounds

Specialty Chemicals

Barium oxide

CAS-No. 1304-28-5
a) In lumps
b) finely ground to 2-10 microns as pastes in various media

Tungsten carbide

CAS-No. 12070-12-1

Coating solutions for the contact lens industry

in various compositions


Spent catalysts

Reactana GmbH is specialised in the recycling of fly ashes with a high content of cobalt and/or cobalt/manganese oxide.

Please let us know the types/quantities you can offer. We will contact you to discuss our possibilities.

Hard metal scrap

Reactana GmbH has developed its own process for the recycling of hard metal scrap that comprises exclusively cobalt as a binder. The process is particularly suited for large parts such as e.g. morgan rolls with a relatively high cobalt content.

We are also processing hard metal scrap on a toll basis and provide you with the tungsten carbide powder obtained from your hard metal scrap, including all originally present doping materials.

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We will be pleased to submit a proposal for suitable qualities.